Cake Plate Forest

Dec 20th
Cake Plate Forest

Last year, my son made a Pine Cone Christmas Tree.  I carefully packed it away, and thought all year about another Christmas Tree craft that I could do with him. My BFF, Andrea, came up with a craft that would be good for our children, and fun for us – pasta trees. I decided I would make a couple to add to my pine cone tree and create a Cake Plate Forest to help decorate our home for Christmas!

To make the noodle tree part of the cake plate forest, you need:

  • One or two bags of uncooked pasta. (We used shells and elbow macaroni.)
  • Styrofoam cones
  • Paint (Acrylic or Tempura) and paint brush
  • Glitter

Seriously, that is all you need!

The first step is to push the pasta into the cone. With the shells we found there was an end that was sharper than the other. That was the side we pushed in first. Your cone will start out looking something like this:

First Step

You have to push the pasta in really well, but once you do, it will hold!

Keep filling the empty spaces on the cone with pasta. The more filled in, the better it will look. Once the cone is covered with pasta, pick your color and begin to paint. As you paint, stop every so often and sprinkle whatever glitter you are going to use directly onto the paint. You don’t want half of the paint to be dry before you get to the glitter stage or it won’t stick.

Magneta Christmas Tree

J’s friend painted her tree with lovely shades of green and magenta.

Cake Plate Forest Painting

Andrea picked green with white/clear glitter that made the tree look flocked. I copied her idea for one of my trees.

In the photo below, you can see the red tree I made on the right, and you can also see what my table looked like when three children and two adults get together to make three different crafts. What a mess, which means we had a GREAT time! (You can also tell what snacks fueled our crafting frenzy!)

Cake Plate Forest Messy Table

Sugar cookies, gingermen cookies, Starbucks… and a whole lot of crafting!

Here is a close up of the green tree I made:

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree - You're pasta is quite painted"

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree – You’re pasta is quite painted”

To make my Cake Plate Forest, I first made a small cake plate by gluing a $1 glass plate to a $1 glass candlestick holder. (I used E6000 glue to hold them together.)  I cut a piece of polyester batting to fit the top of the plate, and then added the pasta trees and the pine cone tree from last year. I added a little wooden candle holder that I have had since I was a little girl. (Wish I could still find tiny candles that would fit in it!)It was easy peasy to create this Cake Plate Forest, and I am now so hooked on the pasta trees that I am going to make a big one next. But, I can’t decide which color – white with green glitter? Green with Green? Green with White? White with Red?HELP! Let me know what you think…

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