Craft Accompli!

Jan 2nd

Ever have a basket of crafts that are half finished?!?!

Yeah, me either.

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. I do have such a basket. However, the last two weeks I’ve been working on cleaning out that basket and getting stuff done. 

I thought I’d shared the last two projects I finished, maybe it will inspire you to finish a project or two of your own. 

First Craft Accompli:

J is all about the dinosaurs right now. ALL ABOUT THE DINOSAURS! He even walks around like a velociraptor whenever he can. 

Every year, I get him a Christmas Tree ornament that represents something from the year that is about to end. Since he’s Dino-crazy right now, I decided a velociraptor ornament was the way to go. The problem was, I didn’t like any of the ornaments I saw out there. 

So I made my own.


Christmas bell with string, velociraptor, glue gun


tie the string into a knot


hot glue to the rescue


He looks almost happy


Ok, the bell might have been overkill


Here he is, on the tree, in all his dino glory!

J loved the ornament and hung it on the tree as soon as he opened it. 

Craft Accompli!!!
Craft Accompli #2:

I’ve had two pieces of flannel sitting around since the start of J’s sea creatures phase. Finally, finally, I bought the navy blue satin binding and sewed him his blanket. He named it “Blooey” you know, because it’s blue. 

J really like the blanket, too. 

Craft Accompli!

I might need to make something for me, next!

Tell me what projects are lurking in your craft basket?!

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