How We Pulled Off Our Octonauts Themed Party

May 26th
Octonauts Invite

Some of you will remember that J loves the Octonauts.  In fact, he doesn’t simply love them, he eats, breathes, sleeps and dreams them.  Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso and all the sea creatures J has learned about are frequent topics of conversation and play.  How many kids ask for a whale shark for their birthday?  So, the Hubs and I really felt we had no choice but to go with an Octonauts theme.

Some of you will also remember that Octonauts merchandise is not yet sold in the US.

It all has to be ordered from the UK via Ebay or Amazon.


So, armed with a computer, an arrray of HP printer papers, some self laminating sheets and my “mad” photoshop skills (read “mad” as basic), I created invitations, labels, signs, t-shirts and cake toppers for my undersea adventure loving almost-three-year-old.

I am thankful for all the Octonauts pictures and screenshots available on the internet.  Google quickly became my best friend.

Octonauts Invite

This was the outside of our invitation.  These were glued to the fronts of those pre-folded cards that come with envelopes that you can buy at Michaels, or most scrapbooking stores.

When our guests arrived at our apartment for the party, this is what they saw:

Jellyfish Decor

The Jellyfish were made from craft coffee filters that I painted with watercolors.  After they were dry, I added light and dark pink streamers, as well as red curling ribbon.  An opened paper clip inserted in the middle of the coffee filters was used to hang them.

Behind the jellyfish, covering our bookcases, was ocean bulletin board paper, some fish that J had made in preschool (they did a unit on sea creatures) as well as the undersea blow up animals from Oriental Trading Company.  The orange paper ball hanging from the ceiling fan was a puffer fish I made by simply adding googly eyes.

Ocean Wall

Here are some more pictures of the decorations.  We hung streamers and blow up animal sea creatures everywhere we could in the living room.

More Ocean Decor Waves and Kelp Decor

 I wanted the children to just have fun playing in J’s room, but I added a few “activity invitations” out in the living room area for the children who wanted to stay closer to Mom or Dad.
One invitation was “Kwazii’s Treasure Hunt.”  I filled a plastic bin with sea shells, glowsticks and spongy sea creatures.  On top, I floated a ton of blue water beads.  The children had fun feeling through the water beads to find their treasures.

Kwazii Treasure Hunt

The second invitation was to make Fish from CD’s.  I had originally found a simple craft online using a CD and cardstock.  The Hubs decided to use felt and instead of just making one kind of fish, he made a puffer fish, a shark, and other fish.  I made an octopus.  The Hubs then cut out a lot of tails, fins, spikes and mouths so that the children could make their own fish from an old CD.  (Note: the shark in the picture is made from an old Kid Rock CD.)  The Hubs then hung the fish on our window and added some felt sea stars and felt seaweed.  I’ve left our window aquarium up since the party, because J really loves it, and I think it looks so cool.
Window Aquarium
The third invitation was to use our sea creature stamps and stamp pads to add to the scene on the rolled paper attached to the table.

CD Fish and Stamping

Using a $4 Target T-shirt and the HP Iron On Transfer Ink Jet paper I found in the bottom of our printer supplies drawer, I made our birthday boy his own Octonauts T-Shirt.

Octonauts T Shirt

On our food table, guests found:

Shark Fruit Salad Watermelon Shark

The shark fruit salad my husband made after looking at my Pinterest board.

Shellington’s Sea Samples, which were simply blue jello with red swedish fish inside.  (Note to future Jello-ers – the swedish fish got kind of funky – I wouldn’t make this a whole day in advance next time.)

Ocean Jello

Tweak Bunny’s “Buncha Muncha Crunchy Carrots.”  I found some great purple and yellow carrots to add to the mix.  I forgot that most 2-3 year olds want to eat carrots that are recognizable.  So, the purple and yellow ones went back into the fridge after the party.

Octonaut Tweak Buncha Muncha Carrots

Vegimal’s Fish Biscuits (and Hummus) – which consisted of some Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and these really yummy Whole-Wheat Cheese Crakers I baked using this recipe from Weelicious.

Fish Biscuits

Professor Inkling’s Octodogs, which were really uncured (no nitrates or nitrites) hot dogs with the ends cut into strips.  When they were broiled, the ends curl up into tentacles.


Some pasta salad rounded out the meal.

We used these plates and napkins from Birthday Express (thank you, Groupon)!  For the cups, I printed the orange version of the Octonaut logo onto full sheet sticker inkjet paper, cut them out and presto – Octonauts cups!

Ocean Plates

The cake was a boxed Chocolate Fudge cake (J picked it out himself) with homemade buttercream icing.  I used Food Coloring Paste to dye it ocean blue.  Encircling the bottom of the cake are chocolate rocks that I picked up at World Market.  The coral reef is made from Nerds candies.  Fish, sea stars and one lone squid were made using Cake-Mate and drawn freehand.  I will admit that decorating the cake took the entire time the Hubs and I watched “Underworld: Awakening.”  Those Nerds were a pain to place – they kept dropping before I could get them in place.  In hindsight, I would use tweezers rather than my big ole fingers.

Ocean Cake

The characters were simply the characters printed onto cardstock that I cut out.  I then put them in those self-laminating sheets and then cut those out.  I think it worked rather well, all things considered.

Octonauts Cake

When our guests left the party, they took one of Peso’s Medical Bags which had a bag of goldfish crackers, a small bottle of water that we personalized (what I used is available on the craft printables page), shark fruit snacks (Ralph’s Brand), a small plastic shark and whale, seashells, undersea stickers and a shark water squirter.

Peso Medical Bags

It was a really fun day, and J was so happy to have his friends come over.  I won’t tell you how late we stayed up the night before doing all this.  Ok, I will tell you, 4:30 am.  BUT, it was a lot of fun, and I would do almost all of it over again.

Until next time!

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