Lego and Netflix

Mar 31st
Lego and Netflix

Lego and Netflix are among my son’s favorite things in the world. Sure, he likes other things: Pokemon, dinosaurs, and power rangers. But, the kid has always, ALWAYS loved those little bricks from Denmark. So, when Netflix sent us some Lego sets as a way of introducing us to their new Lego Bionicle: The Journey of One and Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship, my son grabbed the boxes from me, tore them open and started building.


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Then, of course, he wanted to watch the show inspired by his new Lego set. He really liked watching Gali and the rest of the “Uniters” onscreen.


LEGO_Bionicle 3

LEGO_Bionicle 2
If you have children who love Lego. you know how storage can be an issue. And, stepping on them, in the dark, in bare feet, while trying to carry a sleeping kid to bed is a kind of torture to which you can probably relate.

Lego and Netflix

A box full of foot pain just waiting to happen!

In an attempt to keep the Lego bricks off the floor, I made J a little Lego table. It was so ridiculously easy! You can find more fancy DIY Lego tables on Pinterest, but I went with simple, simple, simple!

Lego and Netflix

Super, super, super, ridiculously super easy.

How to make the Lego Table

First, you need a small table that you don’t really care about. One that you will be OK covering with glue. I picked up a little table at our local big name Swedish furniture store that serves meatballs. (You know the one!)

Then, I used E6000 to glue Lego bases onto the top. I was going to just glue water and grass bases, but J wanted four different colors, so we went with that. I think the table turned out super cute.

What I was not expecting, is that J would want to build with his Lego while watching Netflix. He just had to act out what was happening on the screen with his Lego Bionicle character. The beauty of the Lego table I built, it’s light and easily movable!

So now, Lego and Netflix are happening at the same time.

Lego and Netflix

Lego and Netflix Mash-Up!

If you have already watched all the Lego Bionicle episodes, there are plenty of other Lego and Netflix mash-ups! Check out Lego DC Comics Batman, Lego Elves, Lego City and the new Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship. J has managed to find all of them on Netflix, but Lego Bionicle is still his favorite!

LEGO Batman


LEGO Elves


LEGO Friends Camp Wild Hearts


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