Projects for Me: A New Obsession for Him

Jan 31st

I’ve gotten the redecorating bug….again. Which means there are tons of new projects for me. 

I’ve redone the curtains, lamps, and bedspread in the bedroom I painted a year and a half ago (when I first caught the redecorating bug the last time). I like the contrast of the dark and light. 



I also added a curtain under J’s loft bed to hide the vast collection of costumes and “stuffies” he has collected.

I did all this, you see, when I needed a break from studying for the California Basis Educational Standards Test (CBEST). Incidentally, I took that test this past Thursday and am waiting for the essay graders to tell me if I know how to write. (Ha ha!!)

While I’ve been studying and redecorating, J has found his own new obsession… Pokemon!! Now, instead of stepping around dinosaurs, Legos and Dinosaur Legos, I step around this…

While J gazes on his cards, extolling the special powers of each Pokemon, he is also watching Pokemon on Netflix. They have so many episodes to choose from, I don’t think we’ve even managed to watch all of them. J happily sings along to the theme songs, which cracks me up because he’s never been much of a “theme song singer.” The show promotes teamwork, dedication, and perseverance, which I like. And, I hate to admit it, but Picachu is a cute little guy. 

My next project will be a Valentines Day wreath. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Have you taken on any redecorating projects lately? If so, what?


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