Sky is the Limit Tiger Scout Badge

Apr 29th

This weekend, we finished our work on the “Sky is the Limit Tiger Scout Badge” achievement. Up until this point, we had done everything for the badge, EXCEPT the following things…

  • Find out about two different jobs related to astronomy. Share this information with your den.
  • Create a home-made constellation
  • Find out about two astronauts who were Scouts when they were younger. Share what you learned with your den.

Finding out about different jobs related to astronomy was quite interesting. I learned that there aren’t a lot of astronomy jobs out there, and that many astronomers teach at colleges and universities. J learned this, too, of course. Gee, I sure hope I earn this badge!  (ha ha)

Making the home-made constellation was fun. We sort of followed the guide in the Tiger Scout Manual, except I filled the tin can with water and froze it, hoping that it would hold its shape better when it got hammered. Once it was frozen, I grabbed a rather thick nail and the hammer. J drew a constellation on the bottom of the can, and I help him line the nails up with each “star” and hammer holes into the bottom of the can. After J finished making the holes, I ran the can under some hot water to quickly thaw out the ice.

Sky is the Limit Tiger Badge Requirement

J’s version of the Big Dipper

Then, we went to the bathroom (the only room pitch dark in the middle of the day) and used his flashlight to project the constellation onto the ceiling and walls.

Sky is the Limit Tiger Scout Badge constellation

J liked seeing how the focus changed as he moved the flashlight back and forth.


Our final part of the badge was to learn about Astronauts who had been Boy Scouts when they were younger. My goodness, the list of them is extensive. I decided, however, to introduce J to the two most familiar names to me on the list…  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. J and I talked about how they were the first to people to ever walk on the moon. How Neil Armstrong had been an Eagle Scout and Buzz Aldrin a Tenderfoot Scout. Then, I decided to go over to trusty Netflix and see what I could find to help J remember even more about these two astronauts, as well as their moon walk. I was so happy to find a TON of episodes of Nova, including NOVA: First Man on the Moon. J really enjoyed learning more about that event in history, as well as learning about both astronauts. He even memorized Armstrong’s famous “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” statement.



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